Bamo CP2-1



Total chlorine measurement by amperometric method with a diaphragm cell of 3 electrodes; wasted sample.

The probe includes a CTN sensor for the temperature compensation.

Mounting / Recommendations

The measuring at a constant flow rate requires the use of a specific cell (see data sheet 193-95).

The complete assembly optimizes the operations.


Note: The water sample may not content surface-active additives.



  • Range: 0.01 to 10 ppm (ppm of total chlorine)
  • pH changes do not affect the measurement within pH values 4 to 12
  • Pressure limit: 0.5 bar as a maximum
  • Temperature limits: From 1 to 45°C
  • Flow rate limits: From 30 to 40 L/h (see the data sheet 193-95)
  • Power supply: 12 … 30 V DC, [Rmax = (U-7,5) / 20 kOhm]
  • Materials: PVC-U, electro-polished AISI 316L
  • Dimensions: Diam.25 mm, length 225 mm