Bamo BIF 6040, Ratemeter Totaliser

Features & Benefits

  • For flowmeter sensors
  • Fast programming
  • Input: NPN, PNP, TTL contact
  • Possible low frequency 0,03 up to 30 000 Hz
  • Power supply 95 up to 265 VAC
  • High quality 6 digits display
  • Options: 
    2 or 4 alarms on NO/NC relay
    4-20 mA isolated analogic output 


Input frequency: Min. 0,03 Hz – Max. ≤ 30 000 Hz
Inputs: NPN, PNP, Dry contact (mV level choice)
Excitation voltage:
24 VDC – 100 mA max. (Code 282 200)
12 VDC – 30 mA max. (Code 282 201)
Accuracy: Rate ± 0.01% of input at 25°C, ±100 ppm /°C
Display: 6 digit LED height 14.2 mm, selection of decimal point
Totaliser: on EEPROM, 10 years
Zero return action: Dry contact or keyboard
Totalisation memory: on EEPROM, 10 years
Power supply: 95 / 265 VAC
Consumption: 8 VA max.
Temperature limits
in use: 0 up to + 50°C
storing: -10 up to + 70°C
Housing material: Black polycarbonate
Panel mounting: DIN 48 X 96 mm, 125 mm maximal depth
Connection: DIN/EN 50027 Detachable Screw Terminal connectors
Weight: 300 g
Sealing protection: IP65 from front
2 or 4 alarms SPST rated 5 A at 250 VAC resistive, may be set as HI or LO, with variable hysteresis.
Analogic output: 4-20 mA 0/10 V, ± 5 V


General information

This BIF 6040 has been designed to be simple to configure. Easy to use, without menu.
It is intuitive for the programming of decimal point position, alarms configuration, analogic output calibration and linearisation functions.The BIF 6040 accepts the signals from the BAMOFLU sensors up to 30 KHz frequency and also those of M serie counters. The input of a multiplying coefficient of scale allows totalisation display in the required unit, m3 or litter, and instant flow indication per hour, minute or second. This commutation is done by pressing a front face key. To obtain stable display, an examination rhythm setting makes it possible to depreciate the transient phenomena. The Microprocessor gives the possibility to the user to modify the range and the calibration frequency. The safety parameters safeguard is obtained by locking switch.