Bamo 9090


Pt 100 Ohm probes 9090 are designed for the temperature measurement from -20°C to +150°C in pH or ORP applications.

The 9090 probes are in accordance with the standard DIN 43760.



The sensor fits a PVC, PVDF or stainless steel (316L) stem.

Process connection is PG13.5 or a 12 mm diameter pressure gland connection.

Electrical connection is through a specific coaxial plug, IP65 with a low resistance.

To avoid troubles, the cable is delivered already assembled with the specific plug.

Cable is shielded with 3 wires, 0.22 mm2.



PVDF -20… 140°C

Stainless steel -20… 150°C



This 9090 type of probes is mainly used in pH or ORP applications with automatic temperature compensation.

A large choice for industrial applications is available on documentations 600+, with stems, probes and sensors.