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Heated Regulators

Tescom 44-5800 Series - IPP

Tescom 44-5800 Series

TESCOM™ 44-5800 Series offers superior heat transfer technology. With a high tolerance to voltage spikes and high ambient temperatures, this regulator is designed for worldwide applications. Ideal for use in liquid petroleum analyzers, petrochemcial/refinery analyzers and sampling systems.

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Tescom 64-3200-Heated Series - IPP

Tescom 64-3200-Heated Series

TESCOM™ 64-3200 Series ultra-high purity, high flow tied diaphragm pressure reducing regulator offers 10 Ra surface finish and is available in Hastelloy® trim. Maximum flow rates are up to 900 SLPM, with inlet pressures of 150, 1000, 1500 PSIG [10.3, 69, 103 bar] and outlet pressures up to 200 PSIG [13.8 bar]. Ideal for use in Bulk Specialty Gas Systems (BSGS), 1/2″ point-of-use, tool hook-ups and gas cabinets.

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