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Dome & Air Loaded

Tescom 44-4200 Series - IPP

Tescom 44-4200 Series

TESCOM™ 44-4200 Series is a high pressure, dome loaded, pressure reducing regulator, with Cv = .80 or 2.0 available; rated up to 6000 PSIG [415 bar] inlet and 5000 PSIG [345 bar] outlet. Ideal for use in fire suppression equipment and CNG filling.

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Tescom 44-4000 Series - IPP

Tescom 44-4000 Series

TESCOM™ 44-4000 dome loaded, spring biased regulator is designed for pressure tracking applications to maintain a constant differential pressure. Self-venting allows for pressure tracking increases and decreases; Cvs = .7 and 2.0 are available. Ideal for use in diving applications for emergency breathing air.

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Tescom 26-1200 Series - IPP

Tescom 26-1200 Series

TESCOM™ 26-1200 Series dome loaded, high flow pressure reducing regulator is externally loaded with 6000 PSIG [413 bar] maximum inlet and outlet pressures. The 26-1200 Series offers three orifice sizes and Cv ratings, balanced main valve and available external sensing. Ideal for use in rocket engine testing and fueling.

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Tescom 26-1100 Series - IPP

Tescom 26-1100 Series

TESCOM™ 26-1100 Series is a dome load, high flow pressure reducing regulator. Ideal for use in pneumatic test consoles and R&D laboratories.

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Tescom-SJS-Series - IPP


TESCOM™ SJS Series is excellent for use on dual mechanical pump seal systems to help control fugitive emissions, prolong seal life, increase safety and reduce seal maintenance costs. The SJS is commonly used with the 42MW Series instrument isolator. Ideal for use in dual mechanical seal differential pressure control applications.

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Tescom 54-2200 Series - IPP

Tescom 54-2200 Series

TESCOM™ 54-2200 Series high pressure, high flow pressure reducing regulator is excellent for hydraulic applications. Inlet and outlet is rated up to 8000 PSIG [550 bar]; Cv = 2.0 for flows up to 60 GPM [127 LPM]; and spring, air and dome loaded versions are available. Hardened stainless steel seat and poppet for excellent wear resistance. Ideal for use in hydraulically operated Blowout Preventers (BOP), Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) and hydraulic component testing.

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Tescom 26-2000 Series - IPP

Tescom 26-2000 Series

TESCOM 26-2000 Series high pressure, low flow piston sensed regulator is available in dome, spring and air load versions, comes with segregated captured venting standard with inlet pressure ratings of 6000-15000 PSIG [413 -1034 bar]. Can be used with the TESCOM ER3000 electropneumatic controller. Ideal for use in R&D laboratories, pressure filling, calibration testing, burst testers and component testing.

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Zurcher MR Series – Dome Loaded - IPP

Zurcher MR Series – Dome Loaded

Regulators for medium pressures up to 16 bar. 3 designs available: Standard-, Clean-, Chemical design. The high demands and needs by the chemical-pharmaceutical industry have led to develop precise and corrosion resistant pressure regulators such as the chemical design PVDF regulator.

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Tescom 26-2900 Series - IPP

Tescom 26-2900 Series

TESCOM™ 26-2900 Series is a dome load negative bias backpressure tracking regulator with a balanced main valve. Controls upstream pressures to 1000 PSIG [69 bar] with spring bias setting. Ideal for use in constant bias applications like offshore diving, dumping exhaled breath from pressure chamber (BIBS) or diving bell.

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