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Tescom 20-1200 Series - IPP

Tescom 20-1200 Series

TESCOM™ 20-1200 Series lightweight aluminum constructed preset regulator offers an integrated 10 micron filter designed for hydrogen service. NGV 3.1 and TUV batch approved for on board hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Excellent choice for other OEM applications.

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Tescom 20-1100 Series - IPP

Tescom 20-1100 Series

TESCOM™ 20-1100 Series regulator with lightweight aluminum construction is designed for onboard compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles 7 liter engines and larger. Offers higher flow capacity than the 20-1000 Series and accessory options such as solenoid valve and pressure sensors.

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Tescom 20-1000 Series - IPP

Tescom 20-1000 Series

TESCOM™ 20-1000 Series regulator is designed with lightweight aluminum construction for onboard compressed natural gas vehicles with 7 liter engines and larger. Piston sensed for long service life with coolant heat jacket to prevent freezing.

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