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Tescom 26-2500 Series - IPP

Tescom 26-2500 Series

TESCOM™ 26-2500 Series has a Cv=5.0 for high flow backpressure applications. Large Gylon® diaphragm provides excellent sensitivity and minimal crack to reseat pressure differential. Ideal for use in pump discharge pressure control applications.

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Tescom 44-2900 Series - IPP

Tescom 44-2900 Series

TESCOM™ 44-2900 Series backpressure regulator is designed to be compact, extremely sensitive and for industrial gases with flows up to 20 SCFM. Convoluted stainless steel diaphragm provides excellent sensitivity and repeatability; metal to metal diaphragm seal minimizes the potential for leakage. Ideal for use in R&D laboratories, process systems and pilot plants.

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Tescom 44-2300 Series - IPP

Tescom 44-2300 Series

TESCOM™ 44-2300 Series is a compact, lightweight, high purity single-stage backpressure regulator for specialty, flammable, and industrial gas flows of less than 4 SCFM. Diffusion-resistant metal diaphragm seal ensures gas purity and integrity. Ideal for use in analytical systems, gas sampling, pilot plants, OEM packages and R&D laboratories.

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Tescom 44-1700 Series

TESCOM™ 44-1700 Series is a general purpose, compact backpressure regulator for control pressures up to 800 PSIG [55 bar]. Ideal for use in industrial equipment for hydraulic or pneumatic service.

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Tescom 26-2300 Series - IPP

Tescom 26-2300 Series

TESCOM™ 26-2300 Series is a highly accurate, diaphragm sensed backpressure regulator.  It controls pressures up to 500 PSIG [35 bar] and offers many Cvs from .02 up to 1.0.  Air and dome load versions are available for remote operation or for use with the TESCOM ER3000 Electropneumatic Controller for automation. Ideal for use in hydraulic or pneumatic testing or calibration applications.

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Tescom 26-1700 Series - IPP

Tescom 26-1700 Series

TESCOM™ 26-1700 Series regulator controls pressures up to 15000 PSIG [1034 bar] and is suitable for gas or liquid service.

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