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Dwyer CRF2 series - IPP

Dwyer CRF2 series

The Series CRF2 is a level transmitter providing a two-wire 4 to 20 mA output to indicate level of liquids, powders and bulk materials. State of the art sensing technology in the CRF2, using impulse RF admittance measurement provides excellent accuracy and stability. The CRF2 senses capacitance changes resulting from the height of the material in the tank between the probe and the tank wall. In non-metallic tanks or tanks that do not have the wall parallel to the probe a ground reference must be used.

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Dwyer CLS2 series - IPP

Dwyer CLS2 series

The CLS2 is a capacitive technology level switch that does not have any moving parts – no jams, no wear, nothing to break, and no maintenance. State of the art sensing technology in the CLS2, using impulse RF admittance measurement combined with an active guard, provides excellent level measurement and stability while being insensitive to material buildup. This technology also provides immunity to external RF sources like walkie-talkies and cell phones as well as minimal interference with radio communication or other electronic systems.

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