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JCT JPES Portable Gas Sample Probe - IPP

JCT JPES Portable Gas Sample Probe

The JPES heated portable gas sample probe is used for applications where periodic monitoring is required over a short time period (normally less than 1 day). The handling and operation of the JPES is very easy due to it’s light weight, flexibility, simple set up and tool-less operation. Filter changes are quickly performed without any tools and initial set up is done within minutes. All parts required are supplied in a robust and compact carry case which contains the sample probe, heated hose and all the required accessories.
The JPES offers the best solution for periodic monitoring, that, coupled with easy set up, fast warm-up and simple operational use and maintenance, provides the ONLY solution you will ever need. 

Now also available with the portable heated sampling pipe – JBER

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JCP – Sample Gas Conditioning Unit - IPP

JCP – Sample Gas Conditioning Unit

The JCP series gas conditioning units offer an autonomous sampling system for treatment of flue gases for extractive measurement systems. The units contain all the necessary components for moisture and particulate “clean-up” in a single enclosure.
The JCP series conditioning units are based on the proven JCM series range of coolers with the added benefit of the integration of sample gas pumps, condensate sensors, flow valves and particulate filters thus allowing for reduced system build time or compact and lightweight portable conditioning.

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