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JCT JCM Gas Cooler - IPP

JCT JCM Gas Cooler

The JCM series gas cooler from JCT is based on the peltier technique of cooling. This proven technology allows for an extremely robust compact cooler that is also very lightweight, hence it is ideal for use in applications with limited space.
The JCM series coolers are available with a range of options that can include moisture monitoring, integrated peristaltic drain pumps and/or temperature alarm.  These compact gas coolers have corrosive resistance high quality heat exchangers and are ideal for gas analysis or water analysis.

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JCT JCL 300 Gas Conditioning Unit - IPP

JCT JCL 300 Gas Conditioning Unit

The JCL series sample gas cooler is specially designed for use in the emission monitoring. Thanks to the low dissolution rates of water-soluble gases very small concentrations of eg SO2 can be measured. In addition, the JCL gas cooler is modular designed. This means a device of the JCL series can be equipped with humidity control, remote diagnosis, gas pump and acid dosing pump.

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JCT JCC Sample Gas Conditioning Unit - IPP

JCT JCC Sample Gas Conditioning Unit

The JCC series gas conditioning units offer an autonomous sampling system for treatment of flue gases for extractive measurement systems. The units contain all the necessary components for moisture and particulate “clean-up” in a single enclosure.
The JCC series conditioning units are based on the proven JCT series range of coolers with the added benefit of the integration of sample gas pumps, condensers, condensate sensors, flow valves and fine dust filters thus allowing for reduced system build time or compact portable conditioning.
The JCC series of conditioners are available as 19” rack mounted and wall mounted versions or portable versions.

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JCT JC14 JC24 Peltier cooler - IPP

JCT JC14 JC24 Peltier cooler

The new peltier coolers JC 14 and JC 24 provide a reliable gas conditioning prior to gas analysis. They have a short start-up time and are applicable for continous operation. The JC 14 and the JC 24 are upgradeable to turnkey gas conditioning units. Optionally available with: condensate detector, solenoid valve, calibration port, sample gas pump, stainless steel gas inlet.

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JCT gas cooler - IPP

JCT gas cooler

The JCT series of sample gas coolers are designed to remove moisture from sample gases prior to measurement by moisture intolerant extractive gas analysers.
The coolers are based on the compressor cooling technology using high quality compressors and available in a number of options that include single or multiple gas paths, integrated peristaltic drain pumps and a range of various heat exchanger materials.
The JCT series coolers are available for non-hazardous area use and for EX area use with ATEX certificate.

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JCT 5 gas cooler - IPP

JCT 5 gas cooler

The JCT-5 Sample Gas Cooler is designed for extractive Gas Analysis Systems in ATEX rated Zone 1 or Zone 2. It effectively removes moisture from sample gases and provides a cooling of the sample down to 3°C.

It is based on the compressor cooling principle and utilises JCT’s established “Hot-Bypass” Technology which provides stable dew points, safe condensate removal and long operating life. It is capable of cooling up to 4 separate gas streams and condensate is removed via drain pumps or automatic drain units made of SS.

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