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Quality commitment “Made in Switzerland”

Our pressure regulators have been developed and are manufactured in Switzerland. We do believe in the manufacturing location Switzerland, its competitiveness and know-how leadership. For more than 50 years, the Swiss quality logo “Made in Switzerland“ stands for precision and Top quality


The ZÜRCHER-TECHNIK pressure regulator knowledge, experience and know-how is a result of more than 30 years pressure regulator production and marketing.

The high demands and needs by the chemical-pharmaceutical industry have led to the development of precise, corrosion resistant and pressure regulators. Special attention hereby was given to the range of pressure blanketing applications (mixers, tanks, centrifuges, containers, etc.)

ZÜRCHER-TECHNIK welcomes competition and is happy to meet their challenge. Our mission statement: In the long run, a company’s survival and well being depends on its capability to come up with more innovative solutions than its competitors. Quality of our service, highest level of product reliability, dependable performance and customer satisfaction represent the key portion of our daily challenge.

We also take care for our environment. Using environmentally friendly working materials and processes and furthermore applying, stringent recycling provisions is our contribution to the protection of our living space.

ZÜRCHER-TECHNIK engineers, designs and produces pressure regulators in Switzerland for global marketing and distribution.