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TKSCT (South Korea)

TKSCT entered the semiconductor equipment fitting market in 1995. Soon after, TKSCT diversified its business and expanded into the valve, regulator, filter and IGS areas in order to relate with all semiconductor UHP products.

Until year 2000, we focused on UHP semiconductor such as Hynix, LG-PHILIPS, Hyundai Electronics and Samsung electronics. At that time, it was very difficult to persuade these world-class semiconductor companies to use the unfamiliar TKSCT products. No one believed that TKSCT could make high tech UHP fittings and valves. But we continually focused on our product quality.

Finally in 1998 we were approved as a UHP manufacturer by Samsung electronics. It seemed reasonable to expect that TKSCT’s high quality & inexpensive fitting & valve line would soon be widely adopted by semiconductor/TFT-LCD equipment makers. In addition, the fact that TKSCT was able to supply to both Samsung electronics and LG-Philips LCD, implied that the other equipment suppliers of these two companies approved of the TKSCT products.

TKSCT’s semiconductor equipment fitting/valve sales rose from 6.4million in 2001 to 9.1million in 2002.
In 2002, we became qualified as a super clean fitting and Manual & Pneumatics Diaphragm valve manufacturer by Applied Material (AMAT), which is the largest supplier of manufacturing systems and related services to the global semiconductor industry.

Thanks to rising domestic demand and expansion of our global customer base, TKSCT’s semiconductor equipment fitting/valve sales grew by 57% (on average) over 2003~2004.
In 2003, TKSCT annual sale was 35million.

The Asian market (Taiwan, China, Japan, & Singapore) is currently holding the highest sales volume of TKSCT products. We are also supplying our products to Texas Instruments USA, and in 2007 supplied fittings, valves, & regulators for Samsung fabs A1 & A2 USA. We are currently putting effort into expanding our American and European markets.

TKSCT is now starting to aggressively market and expand its business from the semiconductor industry on to solar cell, sanitary, and biopharmaceutical markets. TKSCT is investing more of its profit into these new market areas in order to be the world’s best total UHP gas solution company.

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