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Pure Energy Centre is your solution provider and partner in the following applications.

One stop shop for your renewable project: Complete renewable projects designed to meet your specific requirements (wind, solar, biomass, and biogas).

One stop shop for your hydrogen project: World leading experience and skills to design, supply and commission complete hydrogen systems.

One stop shop for your nitrogen project: We support oil rig lifting, inerting pipe system and the food industry.

One stop shop for your oxygen project: We provide onsite solutions to pipeline welding and hospitals with our OxyPod.

On grid and off grid: Electrical solutions for small villages, communities, farmers, crofters, land owners and single households.

Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS): MCS accredited to support you in the design and installation of renewables.

Any Scale: Whatever size of your project, we are your partner company for small to large scale renewables and hydrogen systems.

Supplier: We supply all renewable and hydrogen system components including inverters, battery, turbines, polls, PV panels, electrolyzers, compressors.

Training: Regular training courses on wind, solar, hydrogen technologies.

Customer service: Guaranteed first class quality assured customer service.

Competitive pricing: Competitive pricing and volume discount available.

Consultancy: Consultancy services for every stage of your project (feasibility studies, environment impact assessment, planning permission, grid connection and others)

Pure Energy Centre Product Overview