Tescom ER5000 Series Electronic Pressure Controller


Power Requirement:

22 to 28.5 VDC, 340 mA maximum, 180 mA nominal


Supply Requirement:

Media Type: Clean, dry inert gas or instrument grade air

Inlet Pressure

Minimum: Outlet pressure + 1 psig / 0.07 bar

Maximum: 120 psig / 8.2 bar

Nominal: 110 psig / 7.5 bar


Housing Rating:

Standard: NEMA 4X IP66 (aluminum and epoxy polyester paint)

Contact a TESCOM representative for available Explosion Proof models


Flow Stream Materials:

Solenoids: Nickel-plated Brass, FKM Seat and O-rings

Sensors: Glass, Ceramic, Silicon, RTV, Nickel

Manifold: Glass Filled PET (Explosion Proof only)

Tubing: Polyurethane

Plug: Brass

O-rings: Silicone, Buna-N, FKM

Fittings: Stainless Steel

Operating Temperature Range:  -30°C to 75°C


Port Size & Type:

Gas Ports (Inlet, Exhaust & Gauge): 1/8″ – 27 NPTF

Controlled Outlet Port: 1/2 inch SAE

Conduit Openings: Two, 1/2 inch NPTF

Flow Capacity: Cv = 0.01

Weight: 1.4 kg

For custom modifications or a complete system solution, please contact your local sales office.



The variety of applications is limitless. Any process variable that can be manipulated using the pneumatic output of the ER5000 can be controlled.

Some possibilities include controlling pressure, flow, temperature, position, speed, force, consistency, torque, and acceleration.

The ER5000 improves both speed and accuracy because it implements the control strategy directly at the control element (valve or regulator).

Some possible applications include:

• Test stands

• Calibration

• Laser cutting systems

• Vacuum forming

• Super plastic metal forming

• Plastic extrusion

• Gas assisted plastic injection molding

• Lamination and composite material curing

• Tire molding

• Chromatography capillary inlet pressure

• Spray coating

• Water jet cutting

• Burst testing

• High pressure gas or liquid injection

• Replacement for valve positioners and I/Ps

• Spot welding pressure control