Series 1221 / 1222 / 1223

You can choose from numerous models and features including over-pressure safety traps, in full scale ranges from 8″ to 36″ of water or mercury. All are suitable for total pressures to 100 psi – for determining velocity and static pressures, leakage, fan and blower efficiency, filter resistance, and gas pressures. Ideal wherever a portable, direct reading manometer is needed. Standard ranges and markings as shown, or special ranges, colors, logos and brand names for OEM quantity orders are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Minor Divisions of 1/10″ water column (or 2mm water column on metric units) are silkscreened in jet black on stark white scale for positive definition. Easy to read, even at a distance, they are acrylic coated for permanence. All models are furnished with one 3/4 ounce bottle of fluorescein green color concentrate with special wetting agent for W/M models, or 3/4 ounce bottle of red gage fluid for “D” units.
  • Series 1221 Manometer – Our simplest, lowest cost basic U-gage. A dependable U-tube manometer that withstands hard use and provides accurate, high visibility readings. For use with water, mercury or red gage fluid. For mercury filled manometers, a scale clamp bar, Dwyer® Part No. A-363 (available as an extra for Series 1221 – and standard on Series 1222) is recommended. One pair of carrying plugs and a pair of non-kink vinyl tube connectors are included with each manometer.
  • Series 1222 Manometer – All the features of the 1221 plus magnetic clips for mounting to any vertical steel surface, and clamp bar to insure against U-tube slipping. (Especially recommended for manometers used with mercury.) Both magnets are easily removed and replaced at the user’s convenience.
  • Series 1223 Manometer – Our finest U-gage – for either portable or stationary use. Safety traps prevent loss of indicating fluid in case of accidental over-pressure. Tubing is permanently bonded to a molded, high impact acrylic plastic top that contains safety traps. Large magnetic clips and clamp bar are provided. Standard type “a” connections include two rapid shut-off type molded nylon tubing connections, two 3′ lengths of flexible Tygon® plastic tubing, and two 1/8″ pipe thread to tube adapters.