Dwyer 160 series

• Monitor or control static or differential pressure when combined with differential pressure gage, switch or transmitter.


• No calibration needed.

• Precisely located, burr-free static pressure holes.

• Hemispherical tip design, best for accuracy if imperfectly aligned and nearly impossible to damage.

• Long lasting 304 stainless steel construction.

• Silver soldered connections for leak-proof operation.

• ASME design meets AMCA and ASHRAE specification.

• Coefficient of “1.”

• 5/16″ models rated to 1500°F.

• Extended static connection helps guide tip within recommended 15° of air flow direction.

• Inch graduations on sides of 160 series to quickly determine exact insertion depth.

• Dwyer® Air Velocity Calculator, direct reading flow charts and instructions included.

• Use 1/8″ models in ducts as small as 4″, 5/16″ models in ducts 10″ or larger.

• Optional mounting gland or split flange make permanent installation fast and simple.