BAMOBUL is designed for Venturi channel or Weir plates (documentation 755-01) water level measurements up to 500 mm. This application requires a highly accurate level measurement as between water height and level the relation is exponential in open channels.

The instrument is associating an air generator to a 4-20 mA pressure transmitter extremely accurate. The sensor permanently measures the necessary pressure to create bubbling against the water column. This pressure difference is directly proportional to the water height (the pressure is equal to hydrostatic pressure of water column). To limit errors due to the airflow fluctuation, adjustment are easy with integrated valves. Access to the “0 flow rate” calibration is for easy the end-user.

This instrument is well known for its reliability and the accuracy of signal output even whit particles in the fluid or foam over the surface.



BAMOBUL level sensor is wall mounting; housing protection IP 55, including a pressure sensor, an electronic amplifier and an air generator. Pneumatic connections are of quick coupling type for 6 x 4 mm RISLAN tubing. All wirings are with screw connectors, cable glands ensure the water tightness.

The air bubbling stem is of stainless steel 316 L, equipped with a sliding fixing device allowing an exact position of “0 flow rate”. Support is a stainless steel plate to mount on the channel.