Bamo MUDline TGS


A turbidity sensor (emitter plus receiver) is mounted on an immersion probe

with an integrated hydrostatic level sensor. The light beam is in Infra red range

at 940 nm.



When the immersion probe reaches the sludge surface, the device switches on

an audible alarm and a lightning alarm. At the same time the depth of

immersion is displayed on the main housing.



  • Accumulator charger supply: 230V AC or 12V CC
  • Ambient temperature: 0…+50°C
  • Display: LCD-panel 3-digits, immersion depth [cm]
  • with measured data storage
  • with “low battery” signal
  • 1 LED, red: “Sludge level detected”
  • 1 Buzzer: “Sludge level detected”
  • Measuring accuracy: approximately 1 cm
  • Immersion probe: PVC / IP68 (10m max.) (EN 60 529)
  • Cable: special type TPE-cable, 10 m long
  • Housing and switches: Stand alone with handle
  • ON-OFF- Lever switch
  • Sensitivity switch
  • Sensitivity adjustement potentiometer
  • IP 44 (EN 60 529)
  • Dimensions: 300 x 210 x 180 mm
  • Mass: 3500 g