Bamo Magtop


These level indicators give an instant reading of liquid level even if it is not transparent.

The mechanical resistant allows an installation on tank storage for dangerous products (hot water under pressure, bases or acids).

Optional level switches are mounted along the guiding tube, as well as an analogical transmitter (continuous level sensor) with a 4-20 mA or Ohm value signal.



The switches BSM, BRK, BRT may be mounted along the column, please see our documentations 585.

A continuous level sensor RTM may also be mounted along the tubing guide, please see the documentation 586. The transmitters are with a potentiometrical output (in Ohm) or with a 4-20 mA signal.

Graduated rulers are specifically designed in PVC or stainless steel. Scales are in [%] or in [cm] or graduations in volume. They are mounted on the side of the column, close to the magnet ruler.



In standard, those equipments are manufactured in stainless steel with sided process connections, threaded or with flanges.

For aggressive products the material could be PVC, PPH or PVDF.

It is possible to realize the same principle instrument above the tank. In this case a free space on the top should be equal to the immersion length.