Bamo BS BC


With cell factors of 0.1 and 0.01 values, these probes are dedicated to measurement of liquid

resistivity between 10 kOhm and 30 MOhm.

The external electrode (surrounding frame) assures the mechanical protection of the centric electrode and limit the measuring area for an accurate factor definition.

By construction, these probes are sturdy. PTFE insulation is a warranty for chemical compatibility even with highly aggressive liquids.


– Through a removable coaxial connector PL259,

– Through an industrial head housing (Alloy or PBT),

– Through a coaxial connecting plug BNC type,

– Directly with the cable output.

Some probe models have a built in temperature sensor (Pt 100 Ohm / 0°C) to allow an automatic temperature compensation (only for industrial head housing type). Other probes can be completed by an external standard temperature probe (see our data sheets 610 +).



The cell factor is the ratio between the measurement done through the probe and the real value of resistivity. For instance a 0.1 factor probe in a 10 kOhm liquid will measure a resistance of 1 kOhm. On the BAMOPHOX the display will be 10 kOhm.

For high conductive liquids (low resistivity) it will be necessary to use probes with cell factor of 1 or 10. (please, see our BF1200 types – data sheet 361) or inductive sensors (see our toroidal sensors – data sheet 364).



For measuring systems, the cable between sensor and monitor is essential in conductivity or resistivity measurements:

– To avoid measurement errors,

– To assure a high accuracy.

We supply a special cable (CCA) convenient for 0.1 or 0.01 cell factor probes. The probes with a cable output like other probes or cells will need a coaxial plug BNC type for the connection to the monitor. The cable should of an entire length.

The use of a standard coaxial cable is prohibited as errors of over 50% will occur with a short length cable (even less than 1 metre).



To wire the temperature probe we supply a 3 wires cable C3B (3 x 0.22 mm²). The shield is connected only on one end.