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Burling Valve, a World Class manufacturer of pressure regulating, back pressure regulating and differential industrial regulators

Burling is a dynamic and rapidly growing manufacturer of pressure regulating valves and related systems that are marketed globally. We are part of a multi-national conglomerate with its roots in sophisticated machinery, instrumentation and engineered products that are used in high performance energy and process related applications as well as large capital equipment and consumer products.

Included in our valve products group are ten manufacturing and repair facilities equipped with advanced CNC machining capabilities, functional and process testing equipment and state of the art flow testing laboratories.

In addition to this we also have hydro-testing, functional testing and state of the art oxygen cleaning. Burling is also ISO certified, CRN approved and manufactures its valves to all ASME standards. This clearly positions Burling in the forefront of regulator valve technology.

We are very proud that all of our products are 100% US manufactured and every product we manufacture is functionally tested before shipment.

This is why our mission statement is to produce the best Regulator products in the market and to be the benchmark by which all other are measured.

Our Global representation provides you with competent quality service at any level.

Why Burling?

Of course you have choices when purchasing regulator valves for your equipment or plant. It is our hope you will consider using a Burling valve,

the valve of choice, when you learn what sets us apart. 

  • Largest Cv per valve size
    • Possible smaller, more cost effective valve selections
    • Potential savings of up to 25%
  • More accurate performance due to balanced plug design
  • In–line maintenance    (Click here to view)
  • Soft seat
    • Class VI (polyurethane)
    • Tighter shutoff
    • Greater “rangeability”
    • Higher turndown ratio 1000 : 1
  • Extremely fast response time (10 cps)
  • Greater metallurgical selection
  • Greater inventories
    • Quicker delivery
  • Flexibility
    • Engineering for specific applications
  • Each valve fully tested before shipment
  • 100% USA manufactured