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The company was founded in the year 1983, after a lot of innovations the company’s name changed in 2003 to Valsteam Adca Engineering SA and it incorporated the brand ADCA, which was already known in the international market. In the field of metallic construction gained strength with the re-introduction of heat exchangers to the company’s portfolio. This activity was transferred to a nearby factory (1800 m2) and the manufacturing operation was improved.

Pressure reducing valves are essential components for most of fluid distribution systems. Valsteam Adca provides you with a wide range of options, varying from the simplest direct-action valve to the more sophisticated pilot operated valve, in different types of construction.


High Purity, High Demands, High Technology

Since the early 80’s, Valsteam ADCA specialized in steam products. As the range of products kept on growing, the need to create a dedicated brand for clean steam and industrial gases and fluids has also grown.


Valsteam proposes the ADCA range of products for clean steam and industrial gases and fluids, designed for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industry.

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More than a manufacturer

The know how gathered all these year has been put into service to the clients: beside the production, Valsteam ADCA advise clients to reach the best system and they engineer and develop the best solutions. Always with the focus to keep your energy efficiency and system reliability at the top, in total compliance with the quality standards.